Founders Courtney Casgraux & Kendra Studdert created Cycle under the guidance of physicians. Both women experienced signs of ‘precocious puberty’ and understand the confusion associated with girls getting their first period. One attended an ‘embarrassing’ sex-ed class with her mom and had to figure out the rest, the other was handed a sanitary belt by her grandmother.

Courtney and Kendra, both have an extensive background in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Together, they identified a much-needed product that was not found in the current market. Courtney and Kendra  developed the First Time Period Kit for tween & teen girls. The Cycle team felt that not only was it important to develop a kit that would encompass all the needs for when and where a girl would start their first period but also wanted to make sure educating girls is a strong focus for Cycle as well.

They are both dedicated to arming girls with the answers and encouragement they need, as well as creating a conversation and ‘sisterhood’ between the girls and M.D.’s.

Women menstruate for a majority of their life, so why not take out the embarrassment associated with getting your first period and have some fun?